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The Brothers Show

2017-01-24 17:28:47 by mcproduc1ions

Hey people! I am here to tell you about a series i am currently making, Called 'The Brothers Show'6216407_148529633671_Screenshot_2017-01-22-19-54-09.png

'The Brothers Show' has been around since 2015 but im gonna bring it back better than ever

These are the 4 Main Characters, Personas below

These are the main characters, Ricky and Tim [Timothy] are the true stars of the show

Here is the full story on the show and the chracters personalities6216407_148529692562_C2OvmJkXgAUkk3W.jpg

The first episode will be released 11th of Febuary this year [2017]

I hope you will enjoy my series as its something i have been doing for years,

Lets hope this is the start of something big :) -McProductions


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